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Find A Sugar Daddy

The Sugar Daddy is not just an urban legend. A sugar daddy is typically an older gentleman that has some cash he doesn’t mind spending on a lady to keep him entertained. Usually there is a wife involved and it is just cheaper to keep her. So he has not intentions of leaving his wife, but his wealth puts him in a position to “keep” someone on the side that makes him happy.

The Deal

The sugar daddy will take financial responsibility for the sugar baby! All living expenses will be covered from soup to nuts. Rent, utilities, walking around with money and “gifts”. In return the sugar baby is available for the sugar daddy. Many deals include personal grooming costs being covered so you can look your very best for your sugar daddy. This can be a win win situation. If you are low on funds and not interested in anything permanent than a sugar daddy would be a great way to raise income and be taken care of without anything permanent. A sugar daddy will normally dote on his sugar baby.

What You Can Do To Increase Your Odds Of Becoming a Sugar Baby

Taking good care of yourself and putting your best face forward is a must. You should make yourself as sexy looking as possible without looking like a lady of the night. Your hair and nails should be done, you should carry yourself in a manner that is not too flashy. Get your body in top condition, you want to look your best! A Sugar Daddy initially is not going to be that interested in your intellect, looks sell so to get your piece of the pie you are going to have to sell yourself.

Locating a Sugar Daddy

Lets be honest, a man of means is not going to be slumming around at the clubs you are likely to frequent, he is going to be at golf clubs, high end hotel lounges, fine dinning restaurants and the like. To hook a Sugar Daddy you are going to have to get into one of those establishments. Working in a well known “rich” hangout is a great way to have access to a bevy of potential Sugar Daddies. You just have to know where they hang out, find a reason to be there (like employment) than work your charms. Believe it or not there are many married men looking to take care of ladies just like you. Check them out, load your profile and see what happens.

Getting to Know Sugar Daddies

The best way to get to know anyone and to give them the impression that you are interested in them is to listen. Sugar Daddies are know different. Being attentive is very important, this is a man that probably wants some pretty young thing to listen to what he has to say and show some interest in him. Indulge a potential sugar daddy with your undivided attention hang on every word. It will pay off in the end. Keep details about yourself to a limit. Let him do all the talking that he wants. Wait for the innuendos to start then let him know you are interested with your body language, smile and nod let him know you understand what he is hinting out. Very rarely will a Sugar Daddy blurt out what he is getting at, it is a type of cat and mouse game. Learn to play it. Flirt but don’t be obvious about it, be subtle.

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