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How To Not Get Caught Cheating

Cheating on your spouse or your lover can really get your heart racing! Being afraid of being found out can cause undue stress. There are a few steps  that you can take  to prevent getting caught.

Choose Your Lover Wisely

Finding a lover that is in a similar situation as you is the ideal way to go. If you are married than it would be a great idea to slip off with a married lover for some fun. There is less complications involved if both parties have the same amount at stake. A married person that has an affair with someone who does not have the same ties is a recipe for disaster. Your lover if they are unattached has hours and hours to sit around and think about what you are doing, this may lead to some irrational behavior or it simply may lead your lover looking for more out of the discreet relationship than you are willing to give. Certainly it is preferential if your lover does not go gushing to her or his friends about there great time they had yesterday with you. Not really great in the discretion category. It is best if you cheat to get involved with someone that clearly understands how important discretion is to you because it is just as important to them.

Keep In Mind a New Broom Sweeps Clean

A married affair is enjoyable because you have all the rights of lovers but none of the responsibility, don’t let it go beyond that. A new lover is exciting but keep in mind you are getting the best this person has to offer, falling for a lover is not that hard to do, because there are no joint bills to worry about, or juniors braces or having the car serviced there are no responsibilities, but be sure if you leave your spouse for this person the responsibilities will come and the new broom that swept you off your feet so cleanly won’t hold the same appeal. Keep in mind this is a fling. When people get emotionally involved they lose their effectiveness at keeping things on the down low. Watch your emotions.

Don’t Flaunt the Affair

It is amazing how people will flaunt their affair, they are seen together constantly, use body language that screams we are lovers and do it all right in the public eye. Being clandestine does not include driving three or four towns over and sitting at a table in a restaurant staring at each other. You just never know who you may run into. The run in may be simple enough but will raise eyebrows or open a can of worms that you do not want opened with your spouse. When you start having to explain why so and so’s aunt from God knows where saw you at such and such restaurant with your lover you will regret not staying as private as you can. People love to gossip, and they love to gossip about other people’s spouses it somehow makes them feel superior to think that they are in on inside information.

Keep Contact Discreet

Texting, emailing, phoning are all things that can be tracked and traced. Try to keep it all to a minimum. Set up a special email account that no one else knows about, only access it from a computer that your spouse does not have access to. Avoid sending pictures or using your cell phone if your spouse has access to the bill. Delete any electronic messages you receive as soon as you read them.  Don’t leave anything up to luck or fate, your situation will not turn out well if you do.

When you are having an affair if you do not want your spouse to find out than now is not the time to be bold. Keep things on the down low and be aware of every move that you make, don’t take anything for granted. Even if you think you know your spouse for sure there is always the possibility that something can trigger suspicion.

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