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Why Men Cheat

Men cheat for a host of reasons. The reasons are as varied as a man’s personality. The well known “my wife doesn’t understand me” cliché is actual one of the biggest reasons that men step out. There is a variety of reasons some of which are listed below:

Sexual Incompatability- When a couple do not share the same appetite for sex but get along on every other front, it may propel a man to cheat. He is not cheating for love or attention but instead to have his sexual desires met. This incompatability may be as simple as the man having a stronger sex drive than the woman or it can mean that the man has exotic tastes for sex that his wife does not necessarily share. If a wife is an unwilling partner a man may wander to satisfy his need for a particular type of sex.

A Need To Feel Desirable- Men suffer from insecurities the same way women do. A need to feel desirable can promote cheating. This is especially true of middle aged men, who may feel as if they have lost their vim and vigor and will seek out a younger lover to boost their moral.

Curiosity- For some men it is simply curiosity. They have a drive to have sex with a particular type of woman that they have met. It is purely curiosity to see how the woman reacts in bed.

Excitement-Life can be a drag sometimes. Work, home, work, home, mortgage, car pools same thing day in and day out, some men cheat just to get a rush of excitement. They may be perfectly happy with their sex life at home with their wife and may go through all the motions of day to day living, but feel like they are just stuck in the daily doings so they step out to have a reason beyond everyday life to live. They need the excitement of the chase.

To Shake Up Their Spouses- Attention may be the reason that a man cheats Just like a kid that misbehaves, they misbehave so they can be caught and really get the attention of their spouse. In some cases a woman can be verbally abusive to her husband and make him feel like he is not worthy, so they go out find another woman that clearly shows that they are capable of finding another woman.

Something Felt Something Learned- Men cheat in retaliation. If they find that their spouses have cheated on them a perfectly reasonable solution seems to be that they should turn around and cheat on their spouses.

For The Love of the Sport- Some men are just addicted to the sport of finding someone chasing them and than bedding them down. They add the notches to their bed posts like some people collect coins.

Love- There are rare cases where men just need to feel loved and special, it goes beyond the sex. They need to be loved and to love someone. In this case the marriage is pretty much over and is unsalvageable.

Men cheat more than woman but not much more. We would like to think that they step out only for the discreet sex, but the reality is that they step out for many reasons some that have nothing to do with sex. 

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