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Why Women Cheat

With woman’s lib came a whole slew of new freedoms. Women are cheating on their husbands and significant others in amazing numbers. A woman that cheats is somehow a bit more intriguing than a man that cheats.

The Reasons Women Cheat

Emotional Connection-A woman may cheat because they feel emotionally vacant, they may feel like their man has left the relationship emotionally and they need to feel fulfilled in that arena. Typically a woman will step out to feed her ego or to just be assured that she is still desirable.

Being Treated Like a Woman- Sometimes a married couple stop viewing each other as lovers they look at each other as Mom’s and Dad’s or almost like room mates. A woman may cheat to get the attention that she craves as  a woman not as a resource.

Justification- A lot of women do not like confrontation, they may feel like they are being mistreated by their spouse but instead of saying what they feel they just find a way to get what they need. They feel justified in stepping out because they feel they are not being treated well, and maybe someone else will treat them well.

Falling Out Of Love- Women cite falling out of love with their husbands as one of the top reasons they cheat. There is an old saying that goes “the difference between a boyfriend and a husband is the difference between oil and water”. This may be a very true saying, men are at their absolute best when they are courting a woman for marriage and than sometimes things drastically change seemingly overnight once that ring slips on. Some women just cannot adjust to the changes in their mate, they feel like it was a huge mistake. Sometimes people just grow in different directions this is particularly true when the couple marries young. Instead of growing up together they grow apart.

Middle Age Woes- Men are not the only gender that suffer from mid life crisis, woman suffer as well. The affair may be used just to jump start her life after the kids are grown and gone and she has nothing else to do and starts feeling a bit frumpy. A discreet married affair can rejuvenate a woman and make her feel still young and attractive.

Done With the Relationship- The relationship may already be over and it is just a matter of time before one party or the other moves out. In this case the woman is more on the prowl for a replacement than anything else.

Revenge- Woman cheat to teach their cheating husbands a lesson. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Some woman are deeply hurt and shocked by a partners affair, some woman subscribe to the ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ philosophy and will go to great lengths to have her own affair, including stepping out with her partners friends and family members. This seems extreme but it happens.

Women cheat for many reasons, some times it really is just for the sex but usually it is deeper than that.

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