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How to Get a Sugar Daddy

How to Get a Sugar Daddy

Go on, let some segments of society frown and consider it shallow and demeaning. The truth is, the idea of having and being a “sugar daddy” is one that is appealing and even regularly practiced by millions of people around the world. And millions of more rich men are actively seeking such an arrangement, so why not take advantage of their generosity and acquire one for yourself?

If you don’t know, a “sugar daddy” is generally a wealthy gentleman who agrees to financially take care of another person, usually younger and usually female, in exchange for sex and companionship. While the classic image of a sugar daddy is an older gentleman of substantial means who squires a younger woman about town, these days the definition can be a bit looser. The man may not to be excessively wealthy, just extremely generous with his money. He may not have a six-figure income, but he may still be willing to spend and give money to his companion. And the companion may not be a woman, as many gay older gentlemen are “sugar daddies” for younger men.

The sugar daddy may supply their companion with expensive clothing, jewelry, trips, and cars or even pay for their living quarters (an apartment or even a house). In return, the companion usually provides the sugar daddy with sex and companionship, accompanying them on vacations, events, etc. (although sometimes sex may necessarily be involved in some arrangements). Despite society’s general impression of the arrangement, it is actually a mutual agreement: both parties are getting something out of the deal.

So how does one hook up with a sugar daddy? Well, these days the answer is quite different that it would have been some time ago. In the past, finding a sugar daddy involved being in the right circles for starters. Though one could conceivably meet a sugar daddy anywhere, they generally weren’t found hanging out at the food counter at Woolworth’s. Those with wealth and means generally spent their times at events and locations considered appropriate for those in their station in life. Think operas, the symphony, the theater, etc.

But these days, things have changed dramatically. First, sugar daddies aren’t necessarily “older” men. Internet entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s today have a wealth that men of the past couldn’t even imagine, which has drastically altered the definition of and the scope of the search for a “sugar daddy”. Second, the Internet has changed the way people can meet and begin a relationship with sugar daddies. There are websites that are specifically designed to bring together sugar daddies with potential companions, cutting out much of the speculation and hunting involved on both parts.

However, some of the same rules regarding how to get a sugar daddy still apply. It’s one thing to meet one online, it’s another to be able to begin and sustain a relationship. Here are a few times for landing that sugar daddy.

Go to where the sugar daddies are

If you opt not to use one of the many sugar daddy meet-up websites, or want to increase your chances of meeting a sugar daddy by using the websites and seeking them out in person, you have to be where they are. Their wealth means that sugar daddies may engage in activities “regular guys” don’t. That means you probably won’t find a potential sugar daddy hanging out in the bowling alley or at the end of the bar down the street. Because they have money to burn, sugar daddies can be found at expensive golf courses, at the marina on their yacht, at exotic locales on vacation, perhaps even skydiving. If you don’t frequent these places already, broaden your horizons and become a semi-regular guest at the local country club, the marina club, the opera, the theater, etc. Put yourself in the places where you chances of meeting a sugar daddy are greatest.

Read up

Sure, many sugar daddies want someone who will make a good sexual partner, but what do you do when you have to get out of the bed? As we stated, sugar daddies are also looking for a companion, someone to accompany them to events including operas, the theater, the symphony, charity events, etc. As their companion, you’ll be a reflection of them and they’ll expect you to be able to carry on a decent conversation.

You don’t have to be an expert well versed in all subjects, but you’ll be expected to have some familiarity with the issues of the day or the event you’re attending. In addition, having knowledge of these subjects can help you land that sugar daddy, not just prove to be a suitable companion. Being able to have an intelligent discussion on the issue they find important will make you infinitely more attractive in their eyes that someone who is relying on just sex to carry them through.


The more people you know, the more people who can help facilitate a meeting between you and the potential sugar daddy. We don’t just mean people who attend the events with regularity, but the people who work at these events. The wait staff, the doormen, the ushers, the PR people, even the bus boys. Make friends with the staff at the best restaurants, theaters, country clubs, etc. Not only can they help get you in to special events that the general public is not permitted to attend, but they can clue you in on who’s who and when they will be there. They can help make that “accidental” meeting not so accidental.

Hit the stores

You might have a discount store budget, but that doesn’t you can’t “shop” at the higher end places, the ones where sugar daddies stroll through the aisles until they see something that strikes their fancy. Make that “something” you. You, of course, don’t have to buy anything, but it helps to look as if you might (you don’t want to be accused of loitering). Higher end specialty shops in the trendy section of town, expensive car dealerships, rare book stores, art galleries, wherever there are expensive items to be purchased, there’s a chance that a potential sugar daddy will be there.

Finding a sugar daddy may be the beginning to a perfect, long-term relationship that can be beneficial to both parties involved. Prepare yourself for that initial meeting and make a good first impression. It’s the key to landing a sugar daddy.

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