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How to Seduce a Woman

How to Seduce a Woman

It’s been scientifically proven that men have a stronger sex drive than women. But a man’s stronger wishes in this field doesn’t mean women are less responsive. The difference in the two is what it takes to get them aroused.

Studies have shown that while both sexes respond to visual stimuli, men respond to it quicker and more frequently. Bottom line, it doesn’t take much to get a man turned on. Women, on the other hand, require a number of different stimuli to become aroused, including an emotional connection, their environment and even social and cultural factors.

Take a recent study by The Kinsey Institute that found that men responded more to adult films made by men, which included little or no foreplay and focused almost exclusively on the actual sex act, than women, and that women responded more to adult films made by other women, which routinely featured between four and 11-minutes of foreplay. In addition, women were more turned on by adult films in which they could imagine themselves as the woman in the film, while men focused almost exclusively on the attractiveness of the woman in the film and the ability to observe her “in action”.

So what does all of this mean when it comes to seducing a woman? Plenty. The research suggests that women use their imagination more than men when it comes to sex. They are more responsive to a combination of sights, smells, sensations, etc., rather than just one thing. So to successfully seduce a woman, you have to make a connection with all of her senses. Here are a few tips to help you turn her on.

Dress for success

You don’t have to wear a tuxedo on your first date, but don’t dress as if you just emerged from a shift at the coalmine either. Unless you’re Brad Pitt (and the vast majority of us aren’t), nice, clean clothes are the way to go. We shouldn’t have to say this, but shower and wash your hair before the date. Even if you don’t wear cologne, a clean smelling man is a turn on for a woman (you can turn her on with the smell of your musky scent later, if you know what we mean). Wear nice pressed slacks, a clean shirt and shined shoes (unless it’s a casual date, where athletic shoes are appropriate. But even those should be relatively clean as well.).

Mr. Nice Guy

You might have heard that girls love “bad boys”, but that’s not true for all of them (and the ones that seek out bad boys are usually too much trouble to deal with anyway). So try not to come off too strong. You can still “be the man” and take a bit of control – choose a place for dinner, suggest a wine, gently guide her by the arm – but put the he-man act on hold, at least for the first meeting. Even if you’ve met on an adult dating website where the main emphasis is casual hook-ups and no-strings attached sex, treating her like a prostitute there to do your bidding is a sure way to end the evening early. You stand a better chance of getting her in bed later that evening by flattering her and complimenting her than turning into a caveman.

Meeting of the minds

We said earlier that when it comes to seduction, women use their minds and imagination more than men, so why not aim for that “target”? Get her to use her mind and discuss whatever she wants to discuss. Don’t grill her like a TV investigative journalist, but find out more about her. Make her laugh (funny men are a turn-on for many woman). Everyone likes to talk about themselves whether they admit it or not and women are no exception. Keep the conversation focused on her if possible. Ask her opinions, even if it about something seemingly innocuous.

Who knows, the information may come in handy later. And, again, even though you two may have met on an adult dating website dedicate to casual hookups, don’t jump right into sex talk right away (unless she wants to). “So, what’s your favorite sexual position?” is not a good icebreaker, even if you are confident you two will be in bed together later. Likewise, avoid talking about previous sexual experiences and girlfriends and conquests. It’ll make her feel like she’s far from the focus of you attention.

Compliment her

Even if this is a one-night stand that has previously been agreed upon by both parties, it can still be called off if the woman gets the feeling that you don’t see her as an entire person. Compliment her at random intervals, not just before you hop into bed (she’ll see that as an attempt to close the deal rather than how you really feel). Compliment her looks when you meet, mention her beautiful smile over dinner, tell her how nice her laugh is while walking to the car. Try to do this with sincerity (and if you’re really sincere and she has all of those things, even better). All of these are pieces to the puzzle of seducing her.

Take your time

You’ve made it to the part where you’re alone in a room. While it may be temping, don’t pounce. Maybe getting right down to business is good enough for men, but for most women, a little foreplay would be nice (remember the Kinsey study we mentioned?). Start slow and explore her body. A few light kisses behind her ear, on her neck, etc., will do more to turn her on than trying to get right down to “business”. Follow her lead. If she wants you to do something in particular, she’ll let you know by guiding you or flat-out telling you. Take it slow, focus on her pleasure and you’ll drive her to the point where she can’t wait any longer.  And, by taking it slow, she’ll be more willing to reciprocate.

Seducing a woman isn’t an exact science, but there are a few things you can do that can make her more likely to become attracted to you and interested in becoming more intimate. Meeting someone from an adult dating website isn’t a sure thing, no matter how explicit the website is about its purpose. Show the woman some respect and interest, dazzle her senses and you’ll be rewards with a night you might not ever forget.

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