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Using The Web To Meet Wealthy Men Or Women

Using The Web To Meet Wealthy Men Or Women

Thanks to the Internet, specialty dating websites have become a popular way to meet that special someone…that REALLY special someone. There are websites designed to appeal to the specific desires and preferences of people from all walks of life. There are websites geared toward people who prefer partners of a specific race, older partners, Christian partners, same sex partners, partners who have similar athletic interests, even partners of a specific height and weight.

So it should come as no surprise that there are dating websites for those looking for partners of a specific income group, in particular a six-figure income or higher. This new breed of website requires that the men or women (or both) who use the site verify their income before becoming a member and they actively boast of featuring “the most eligible millionaires”

In short, searching for a “sugar daddy” (or even a “sugar momma”) has become as easy as clicking a mouse.

It may come across as shallow and one dimensional to focus solely on a person’s income as the basis of dating potential, but such focus occurred long before the internet came along. What the web has done, however, is made it easier to not only locate and communicate with wealthy individuals for dating purposes, but it has also widened the pool of potential wealthy suitors by including those living in other parts of the world. So if your desire is to meet a wealthy landowner residing in the English countryside or a well-off widower who has a little place in the south of France, the opportunity is out there.

Like dating websites that bring together users who desire sex only, wealthy dating websites allow people to cut through the pretense and clearly indicate their dating interests. By allowing likeminded people for whom wealth is a pre-requisite dating to interact, the websites allow them to begin their relationship with a clear understanding of their intentions. Both parties are open to the conditions of the arrangement and most likely won’t be under any illusions about the nature of the relationship and where it is headed.

For various reasons, most of these websites cater primarily to women searching for wealthy men. Many of the sites also feature wealthy women seeking partners but they are in far less numbers than the men that make up the bulk of the users of the site. The occupation of the individuals on the site covers a wide range of career choices. One site boasts a roster of millionaires that includes doctors, lawyers, CEOs of corporations, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, models and “Hollywood celebrities”.  Another site was reportedly created with the support of Forbes magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

Although the clientele of wealthy dating sites is probably more carefully selected than that of regular adult dating websites, the process of arranging a profile and connecting with a possible partner is roughly the same as with other sites. A potential client can usually create a free profile to begin with that lists their basic information – age, vital statistics, location, etc. They may be able to view some limited information about others on the site but will have to pay to see more information and to contact others on the website.

If the potential client decides to become a paying member of the site, they can usually choose from several levels of membership, each with different benefits. One website, for instance, has a gold membership level that allows you to chat with other members either as a group or one-on-one, send emails directly to other members, get priority placement in searches, post more photos of yourself that with a basic level membership and find out who has viewed your profile.

Then there is the “certified” level that is featured on most wealthy dating websites. To achieve this level, verification of income must be sent to the website. Once the income status is determined to be true, the user get placed in a special category that lets other know that they are, indeed, a verified millionaire. Those in these special categories, as one might imagine, are the most sought after of the visitors to the site.

So how does one connect with a millionaire on a wealthy dating site? Well, there is really no one set way. Because millionaires today may work in a wide variety of fields, they will have an equally wide variety of interests. For instances a professional athlete will probably have different interests than a CEO of a corporation. And a millionaire who made their money designing custom motorcycles may not enjoy a night at the opera as much as a venture capitalist.

The best way to connect with a millionaire is to study their profile carefully and find out what interests them. Then bone up on that particular interest as much as you can. Don’t try to “wing it” and only pretend to be knowledgeable in their interests. Most millionaires didn’t make their money by falling for scams and they’ll see right through your attempts to pull the wool over their eyes.

And don’t be surprised if some of the users on a millionaire turn out to be married or otherwise involved with someone else. Some of them may be interested in “playing the field” and conclude they have the money and means to do just that. If dating and possibly being supported by a millionaire is your ultimate goal, be prepared to make some sacrifices for your dreams.

If you’re willing to make a few compromises, the rewards of dating a millionaire can be many. There have been numerous women and a few men who have been supported financially by their millionaire partners in return for supplying them with companionship and intimacy. If you are willing to make yourself available when requested and provide support, you can find yourself in a long term relationship with a millionaire.

View several of the wealthy dating sites before joining to discover the type of clients who are there and learn about their interests. You may wish to join several websites to attract a mix of potential dating partners and find the right person for you. There are millionaires who are actively seeking someone to date and there’s no reason that person can’t be you.

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