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A Sugar Daddy Profile

A Sugar Daddy Profile

In the past, it might have been simpler to profile a sugar daddy. They were generally older gentlemen who had usually accumulated their wealth through years of hard work. They were fairly well educated, having attended some of the top colleges and universities in the country. They enjoyed the finer things in life such as the opera, the theater, golf, sailing, etc. And they were usually pretty obvious about their wealth, surrounding themselves with an expensive home, exquisite furnishing, wearing the finest clothes and perhaps driving an expensive automobile (unless he had someone who did the driving for him).

But these days, it may not be as easy to tell who are the potential sugar daddies. In this era of the Internet entrepreneur, the age of the millionaire has dropped considerably. Men in their 20s and 30s have a bottom line that dwarfs that of the wealthy men of the past. And with that young age comes a different way of approaching life. Sure, a lot of the young wealthy men of today dress in the finest, most expensive clothes available and sit in the VIP section at the swankiest nightclubs, but just as many are comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt and kick up their feet in the grandstand at a baseball game. Take hoodie-wearing Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook fame probably wouldn’t pass anyone’s test in the past of being a potential sugar daddy, yet he’s one of the wealthiest men around.

So when someone tells you it’s easy to spot a potential sugar daddy by his gold cufflinks and chauffeured limousine, don’t believe them. Sugar daddies come in all shapes, sizes, ages and manner of dress. Yes, the old stereotypical sugar daddies are still around, but they’re being joined by guys who look like the ones who could be standing in line next to you at the coffee shop.

But there may be a few things that the classic and modern sugar daddies have in common. Here are a few:


The sugar daddies of today don’t want to be thought of as one-dimensional entrepreneurs who are solely into earning as much as they can. Most of them are also frequent contributors to charities, either already established ones or the ones they start themselves. It’s good for their image and good for anyone hoping to land a sugar daddy. By becoming a regular face at the top charity events in your area, you can meet the men with the money who are available and looking for someone for companionship and, yes, sex. You may have to occasionally contribute to the charity to show that you’re not just there on the “hunt” (even though you are), but it can pay off in the long run with a sugar daddy connection.

Spending money

While the modern sugar daddies may not be as obvious with their money as their counterparts of the past, they still occasionally like to spend what they make. Finding out where they like to spend it is where you’ll have to use your creativity. If you’re seeking an older sugar daddy, chances are you can stake out the usual place – expensive high-end shops in the well-known expensive shopping areas, car dealerships that specialize in the classic models (Jaguars, Bentley, Mercedes, etc.), older traditional restaurants that have been around for decades. But today’s younger sugar daddy material likes to spend his money in different ways. You’ll have a better chance of meeting them at sleek electronics stores purchasing one (or more) of the latest electronic gadgets, at expensive clothing stores where the fashions are more suited to younger men, sidecourt at an NBA game, at a sleek modern fusion restaurant, checking out an import bike at a motorcycle shop. To find these younger entrepreneurs, be creative and think of the things that would seem to interest them.


Both modern and old school sugar daddies are seldom loners. The reason they often are generous with their money in return for companionship is that they enjoy having someone around. Whether the sugar daddy is in his 60s or 30s, they’re usually in the company of a number of other male friends. Whether it’s at the country club, the VIP section of a nightclub or the box at a baseball game, they can quite often be found having a great time with their friends. If you’ve narrowed down the locations where potential sugar daddies hang out, be on the lookout for these groups as the chances of one of them being the sugar daddy you’re seeking are good. Make friends with the entire group. Not only will you show your target that you get along with his friends, but if it doesn’t work out with the one you have your eye on, the chances are great that one of the friends might be interested.

“Hot” companionship

Both older and modern sugar daddies have one thing in common: their preference for good-looking companionship. Yes, it’s important to be knowledgeable in the things that sugar daddies might be interested in – current events, politics, the opera, golf, whatever. But beyond that, but sometimes unspoken, is their desire to have a companion who is strikingly attractive.

Since they can have most anything they want, sugar daddies naturally want the best in companionship, which includes a great personality as well as good looks. Regardless of whether they’re interested in a woman or, in some instances, a man, they want their companion to turn heads. If you’re not in the best shape you can be, begin working to fix that now. When attending events where sugar daddies congregate, strive to look your best, in both physical appearance and dress. Get their attention and you may not even have to work hard to become their special companion.

You can use the special adult dating websites that specialize bring together sugar daddies and companions, but some of these rules still apply. When you include a profile photo, make it the best photo you can find. Use the services of a professional photographer if you must. Create a profile that shows your varied interests and experience. Show them you’re a well-rounded person that would make the perfect companion and you’ll soon find yourself on the arm of a generous sugar daddy.

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